What Are The Things You Can’t Do Without Another Person

What Are The Things You Can’t Do Without Another Person

You may be happy alone, but at some point of life, we need someone. THere are plenty of things we can’t do alone. If you think you can survive all alone, then you are wrong, you can never spend your life giving up on love and living alone.
You will need somebody to fulfill your mental and physical needs. Being alone all the time will lead to irritability and you’ll end up with mental health problems. To maintain a healthy life you need a company to survive. 
But apart from this, there are many little things that you can’t do alone which means you’ll need a person.

Following are the things that will make you realize that you can't do everything alone.


You definitely need someone to wrap arms around you. You cannot hug yourself by yourself. Another person will not only wrap his or her arms around you but a good hug can help you to release mental stress and give you positive vibes and hope.

Make a baby

No matter if you are male or a female you will need another person of other gender to make a baby, even IVF procedure needs another person to make a baby. This beautiful miracle needs two people and one single person can never do that.

Sing a duet

Duet means two people singing which clearly says you can’t sing duets alone. You obviously need someone no matter male or female to sing along with you for your duet song.

Click a nice picture

We are not talking about selfies, we are talking about a picture from a distance. Now you will say I can use a mobile tripod, you definitely can, but for a nice and decent picture from different angles you will need somebody else to click an amazing picture of you.

Play Games

No, we are not talking about single player games, we are talking about Frisbee, Badminton football which are way more interesting than single player games. You need a companion rival to fight against.

Make a phone call

You definitely need at least one more person, whom you will make a phone call and talk to. You can’t talk to yourself on the phone or dial your number from your phone. A phone call is always a two way conversation so you can never talk on the phone alone.


Chatting is also a two way conversation. You cannot chat with yourself, no matter if you are using a laptop, phone, tablet, etc. You need someone to respond to your text and make it a chat.

Enjoy Seesaw

You can never enjoy seesaw alone, You will need one more person to accompany you and manage the balance on the other side. Next you want to enjoy a seesaw, make sure the other person is similar to your weight.

Can't Gossip Alone

You are definitely someone with whom you can’t enjoy crispy juicy gossip about somebody else. Everybody gossip about someone and they need someone with whom they can gossip about other people. Make sure you do it with your trustworthy best friend.

Never enjoy getting last slice of Pizza

If you are eating pizza alone, no matter if it’s the first slice or last, it’s the same for you. But you are a pizza lover and you are sharing it with someone, you will witness a different satisfaction of getting the last slice and enjoying it.

Can never learn driving alone

No matter how many tutorials you see on the internet, you need someone physically to teach you to drive a vehicle. No matter bicycle or car you need someone good to train and guide you.
Here were some of the small yet important things that you can’t do alone. In the era of technology we still need another person who can help us in these small yet important things of life and most important we need someone for our mental health illness. You might enjoy being alone in the starting but after a while it will become something that can cause irritation and it can turn into anger too

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