5 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home

5 Ways To Stay Productive While
Working From Home

The ratio of work from home has increased worldwide over the past few weeks as the majority of the world has been quarantined under coronavirus. Count yourself fortunate if you are working from home in COVID-19 pandemic as #wfh ensures you complete your work regardless of your location and giving more flexibility in your schedule.Also, it refers to not sleeping enough, more breaks than regular and yes getting easily distracted. Working from home is not a holiday and you may find yourself with more work than usual.
Here Are Some Of The Easy Tips That You Must Follow While Working From Home.
1. Make a Schedule
Sticking to your regular timings is one of the mainstream tasks as working from home doesn’t refer to doing tasks according to your flexibility and wishes.It doesn’t translate to sleep in after a late night and take a mid-day nap. You must make a schedule balancing your work and comfort and stick to it.
2. Well dressed
One of the best thing to stay active while working from home is to avoid working in pajamas, but that doesn’t mean you have to work in blazer and trousers but least thing to set your frame of mind for the day is to change the night wear. Also, if you have conference calls with your colleagues then tying your hair in a neat ponytail with a bit of lip balm will help you to stay active.
3. Avoid distractions
Dealing with distractions is one of the important thing if you want to stick to your work. Work in a separate room, where silence is your colleague i.e. very ┬ámuch co-operative. Grab a spot, full of silence where you won’t be caught in any discussions and limit your breaks with the breaks you take in office.
4. Set boundaries
You may find yourself working early in the morning or late in night, STRICTLY AVOID THIS by boycotting distractions. Keep your mind fully engaged in the work so that you can complete it on time. Turn off your devices once you are done with the work. Give your mind a little treat by watching your favorite TV show, spending time with family, etc.
5. Grab your place
The best thing about working from home is you can cut down your commute with noisy colleagues, you have autonomy to personalize your work area, so grab yourself a spot where you can sit throughout the day. To avoid laziness and other health issues take a tour to your home every few hours. Adding a treat, you can play soft music to stay concentrated which you cannot do at office. You can fully utilize this set up to complete your work efficiently, so that you can enjoy not only the rest of the day, but the hours you are working in.
Hope you are working efficiently and enjoying #wfh

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