10 Signs he Doesn’t Care About Relationship

10 Signs he Doesn’t Care About Relationship

Do you miss the spark in your relationship? Does he answer your messages and calls like before? Is there any change in the way he reacts to things or is there any change in his personality? Do you miss the old him? Looks like he is not with you anymore though he is. Getting the signs he doesn’t care about relationships?
This may be bothering you both mentally and emotionally. You might be stuck between either to give up and move or try more?
So, before making this tough decision you must make sure whether he cares about the relationship or not?
Sometimes, things go wrong and turn rough, but this really doesn’t prove that he’s changed. There might be million things that could be running in his mind, maybe something tragic like he lost his job or something else. So, before jumping to any conclusion, you must make sure that there isn’t something which is bothering him.
Here are some of the possible signs that he doesn’t care about relationship.

You are his last priority

Does he consider you while planning his day? Is he online for minutes or hours and not replying to you? Do you cross his mind and he feels like sharing when something good or bad happens? Well, you may be his last priority. You might think that he is busy with his schedule or job, but it really takes seconds to reply to someone.
He should share his life, all ups and downs with you. Make sure you don’t settle for less. Make sure you are his priority and he considers you while planning his day. Make sure he considers you as a partner.


Acceptance is the prime proof of how important you are to him. Think about how uncomfortable he gets when you talk about introducing you to his family or friends. This may be a possible sign he doesn’t care about the relationship. A guy can at least introduce his girlfriend to his friends as it is one of the ways to show how much he is proud to have you.
If you don’t exist in his social life then this may be a sign that he doesn’t care about the relationship. Know the fine line between keeping your relationship private and keeping your relationship secret.

He Care About His Things, Not Yours

Think about the times when he asked for your favor and you helped him and when you asked him for favor he gave some silly reason. A person can do everything for the person they love.. This could also be one of the signs that he doesn’t care about relationships as he is so self centered and doesn’t want to help you.
Such little gestures keep the relationship alive. If he isn’t doing something coming out of his comfort zone then this could also be a sign that he doesn’t care about the relationship.

He only wants sex

Relationship doesn’t mean only sex. It’s built from love, trust, communication and much more. Sex is just an addition. It takes a real man to care about his woman, to stand by her, to be with her in her cramps. There’s a thick line between a man who truly loves a woman and a man who just want sex with a random hot woman 
Also, If he talks about sex or want sex, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, but if he ONLY talk about sex and want sex then he may not be the one. Sex and Love are two seperate concept for men, they can have sex without loving you.
You both must look for a quality time, also hanging out is not enough. If he truly cares about you and your feeling then sex will always be secndary to him. You will be his priority, your feelings, your emotions will be his first priority.
Sex is not a personal feeling for other, it just makes the connection more deeper. If he just wants sex and has no inclination of listening you and he don’t care about you then that’s quite clear that he is not the one.

He Never Gets Out Of His Comfort Zone To Make You Happy.

Relationships are all about efforts and doing things for each other. Doing things doesn’t only count buying flowers, it means doing something on your own.To give something handmade, or least he can do is plan a date and surprise you with something out of the box.
Such little gestures keep the relationship alive. If he isn’t doing something coming out of his comfort zone then this could also be a sign that he doesn’t care about the relationship.

He Never Questions You About What's Going On In Your Life

Not over possessiveness, but everyone is always curious to know about what’s going on in their partner’s life, no matter how new or old the relationship is. If he doesn’t care about what’s going on in your life then it is one of the signs that he doesn’t care about relationships.

He Never Messages Or Calls You First

Know the difference between having a conversation and just replying. Calling or texting first are small efforts everyone should take in their relationship. If they have time to hang out with friends and not texting you then you are with the wrong person. It means he never misses you, because if he’ll miss you he’ll call or text you first.
Don’t be the one who’s calling/ texting every time. Also think about how many times he asks you out and how many times you ask him out. If you’re the only one who’s asking first everytime you go out then you might be the only person who is in a relationship because your partner is not participating in it, and might be one of the signs he doesn’t care about the relationship.

You Are Just Like Everyone Else For Him

He might have many friends but realise the fact that you are his girlfriend, you have a special place in his life. If he treats you like everyone else then he might not be the one because you treat him special so you deserve to be treated specially. Stop settling for less every time. If your relationship has a special name and is not just a friendship so you deserve to be treated special, not like others.

He Avoids Serious Conversations

If you both are in a serious relationship then you have serious topics to talk about. Doesn’t matter if you are not related to the matter or not. He can talk about anything if he’s serious for you and in a relationship because he feels like considering you in every part of life which is beautiful.

Not Seeing A Future With You

What’s the point of being together if he is not seeing a future with you? Think about the times when he talks about his future plans, his career or where he sees himself in next years, does he consider you while talking about it. If he can plan about his career then he can plan his future with you too. Because planning a future together can help you both look forward to the little adjustments you have to make for each other.
These were some of the signs that he doesn’t care about relationship, but before jumping to any serious conclusion make sure to find out he’s not going through something else which is affecting him. Talk to him about your choices, your feelings, your life. Don’t beg but ask him to be humble.

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