Should You Wash Your Hair Before Getting It Cut

Should You Wash Your Hair Before Getting It Cut

Haircut is necessary for both men and women, and no matter what the hair texture is everybody gets a haircut. Even girls trim hair regularly in order to keep them healthy. But the basic question arises about hair cut is that should you wash your hair  before getting it cut?
This is a question that is asked by many people.
Well, the answer to this question is NO, you don’t need to wash it unless they are not clean or dirty. But you need to wet your hair before getting it cut as wet hair will make sure that your haircut is in one length. Getting a haircut in wet hair is the best way to have a clean and accurate haircut.
If your hair is not wet before chopping session then there are possible chances of getting uneven and imprecise haircut.

Why wet hair?

Well, your stylist usually wets your hair as it makes it possible for them to understand the unevenness of your hair and which part for the end needs to be cut.
You may have heard or read many misbeliefs regarding haircut that you should chop your hair during a crescent moon and then it will grow more faster, well it’s nothing but just a myth because on an average hair grow from 1 to 1.5 centimeters so there’s no point of chopping them on a special time.

Why is washed hair not essential before chopping them?

You must wash your hair in order to maintain hygiene. Never go to the salon if you haven’t washed your hair since last week and you might appear unhygienic which your stylist won’t like.
So make sure to clean your head and hair before visiting the salon. But, if you are thinking that washing hair before a haircut will make it more precise then you are wrong. Washed hair and precise haircut have no connection.

How often should you wash your hair?

Well you must wash your hair twice a week as if you will not wash it then your scalp and skin sweat will make a greasy layer on your hair which is healthy as it protects your hair from sun and heat but they can cause great damage to your hair. So you must wash your hair regularly in order to avoid a greasy layer on your scalp that will not only cause extreme damage but will make your hair fall.

What preparation needs to be done before a haircut?

You must pamper yourself everyday as this is not only enjoyable but healthy too. Your stylist will be impressed with your love towards your hair and its healthiness.

Don't rely on artificial products

Set your hair natural. Don’t tie them with artificial treatments as they are one of the biggest reasons for hair damage.
Whenever you are planning to visit a salon especially for a haircut make sure you don’t use any of those artificial products as they change the texture of your hair no matter if they are temporary.
From straightener to colouring your hair, everything causes extreme damage to your hair as they have heat and chemicals which are not good for hair. So try to use natural products like aloe vera in order to keep them healthy and shiny.  

Clean your hair

You must clean them in order to maintain hygiene not to get a precise cut as said above. You must wash them in order to make sure they are not greasy or dirty. You can wash your hair 24 hours prior to your appointment with the stylist as it will make sure that your stylist has a healthy base to work on.

Show up with everyday hair

You must visit with everyday hair which means no special hair style. Either set them free or tie a ponytail or bun. Don’t make an unusual hairstyle in order to get a precise haircut.

Don't go to pools

Don’t go to the pool before getting a haircut and especially when you are getting a colour treatment pool water has chlorine in it which has a detrimental effect on hair. But if you do, then make sure to wash your hair and remove chlorine from your hair.

Ask for a dry cut

Dry cuts may be expensive but they cause less damage and help your stylist to get you a precise haircut and that’s not all, you will have healthy hair for a long term.

Get regular trims

Some people think not cutting hair will make it longer but that’s nothing but a myth. Getting a regular cut eliminates the split ends and split ends stops the hair growth. So, if you’ll cut split ends on a regular basis your hair will grow much faster than usual. So, you must trim your hair and eliminate the split ends every month in order to grow them faster.

How to get a perfect haircut

If you are aiming to get a specific haircut. You must carry a picture of that haircut so that your hairdresser will know what exactly you are looking for. If you don’t do so there are possible chances of not getting what you are looking for, and experimenting with your hair, especially when you are desiring of a particular cut is not a great idea. So next time before going to the salon make sure you have the picture of the haircut you are looking for.

Be honest with your hairdresser

If you have done something wrong with your hair, make sure you are being honest with your hairdresser. No matter how artificial the product you’ve used, if they’ve caused damage you must tell your hairdresser as they will have a solution for that.

Tell your hairdresser if you are not happy

This might be the awkward situation for you both, but you have to be honest about whether you like it or not. If yes then appreciate your hairdresser, if not then tell them this is not when exactly you are looking for. As they might give you another hairstyle which goes perfect with your face.
These were some tiny but awesome tips that you must consider before, after and during a haircut and a perfect haircut is all that everyone needs. So, consider these points and we hope you get the haircut that you desire.

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