Should I learn French or German?

Should I learn French or German?

Should I learn French or German? People often ask this question to themselves whenever they are willing to learn new languages.
Learning a new language apart from your regional one is very helpful, as it differs your skill from the people who are standing in the crowd. The more and more languages you know the more it will help you  build connections with different people.
It is a required skill in the corporate world. Learning a new language will help you in expanding your job opportunity.
When it comes to learning new languages, there are two languages where our mind gets stuck, one is French and other is German. The thing which is common between both the languages is that they both are Western European Languages.
Learning new languages will introduce you to diverse cultures and new people.

Should I learn German or French?

According to the linguists, French is much easier in terms of grasping as compared to German. German grammar is much more complex and tough. But, for the people who can speak English it would be easier for them to learn German as both languages have the same Germanic roots.
On the other hand, people who are non-native speakers, it would be tougher for them to learn French as the pronunciation of French is not the same as English.

Which is more popular?

French is more popular as compared to German as it is widely spoken by over 76 million people in the world. German is quite complex and distinctive and is the solo language which has long compound words which are of around 64 characters.

Grammar perspective

German grammar is quite easier as compared to French as for the French languages there are many exceptions for every rule and distinguishable verb patterns. On the other hand German has less rules and verb patterns.
Pronunciation is tough in both German and French. But as compared to French, German is easier to learn as it’s content is available on several websites, there are many applications for german language; also there are several YouTube channels for the German language.

Which is more useful?

According to studies, French is considered to be a more useful language as compared to German as it dominates several sectors of industries including, telecommunications, aeronautics, etc.
Apart from this, French is the official language in many countries like West Africa, Switzerland, Monaco, Rwanda and much more.
If you know how to speak, read and write French, it can lead you to several job opportunities like a consultant and much more. Learning French on a good level is valuable as it will help you build contacts and help you financially.
Whereas on the other hand, German is a regional language of Germany and above 90 million widely speak the German language. Germany is the main country of the European continent and hence mastering the German language will help economically in the industry compared to other languages.
Out of all the European countries, German has skyrocketed GDP which is around 2.4trillion Euros.
Apart from this, if you know how to read, write and speak, Germany will allow you to study there for free. It is one of the most stable countries not just politically but economically as well.
As Germany has an excellent geographical position and amazing infrastructure, it is the priority for foreigners and they plan to step in the European market. But there is no relevance of German in Portugal, Spain.
Both languages, French and German will lead you to several job opportunities such as foreign correspondent, Intelligence operative, translator/ interpreter.

Relevance in India

Globalization has led to many job opportunities, hence every sector is developing rapidly and expanding many businesses are trading internationally as it will help them create an identity in foreign market hence it is leading more job opportunities for those who are bilingual.
Learning new languages is not limited to interest only but also it helps in studying abroad, travelling and building a career and much more. Though you can learn any of the languages according to your need and interest, the common thing you need to learn both languages is dedication, focus and consistency.
There are countless schools where French is taught as the main subject, and more than 1 lakh students are learning French as it is an alternate way to secure a job in the business sector.
Although the German language is not widely spoken as French, it is still the second most taught language to learn. It is taught as one the main subject in many schools and colleges, including Kendriya Vidhalayas also.
Germany’s government started promoting its languages a few years ago.Max Mueller Bhavan was the first person who brought this in Kolkata in 1957.
Summing up and coming to a conclusion, learning French is a better option for those who are willing to settle across the country and be an international citizen as it has relevance not just in France but in many other countries. Whereas German has relevance in German only and in those countries which has a German core setup.

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