Komal Pandey – A New Definition Of Fashion

Komal Pandey - A New Definition Of Fashion

Komal Pandey, the top most self-made Indian fashion blogger is born and brought up from Delhi and is a living inspiration for all the strugglers who want to become a fashionista. No matter ethnic or western, she carries herself impeccably
It was her love for fashion that took her to become one of the top leading fashion influencers of India and has won millions of hearts in such a short span of time. The fashionista has redefined how one could dress flawlessly even without spending money on high-end brands and each of her styles is appreciated by millions of people.
Her fans generally know ‘Komal Pandey’ for her class, glam, and aesthetic fashion sense but this is not all about her, coming from a lower-middle class and saving her pocket money and experimenting on fashion, she indeed climbed the heights of success. The fashion influencer was never a “brand conscious” person, instead of going for brands, she explored the flea market and picked the gems to create her own definition of fashion.
The diva started sharing her ideas in 2013 on her Instagram and now has become a name we can use instead of fashion. The independent blogger, in the beginning was hired by one of the leading Indian online communities for women and within just 1.5 years of timespan, Komal  curated more than 400 videos. After that, she moved out and became an independent blogger and continued climbing the stairs of success.
She introduced a total new concept of affordable and recyclable fashion that made her stand out of the crowd, also she presented her idea in her own way through a series of post on Instagram under the theme #fashiontherapy, it became so popular that she introduced season 3 of the same and it has reached out to millions of people and they are still admiring her fashion sense everyday.
As her current Instagram bio says, she is born to make videos, she indeed is an inspiration for many people out there. The 25-year-old damsel has  marked her presence in the history of Indian fashion and will keep inspiring with her fascinating fashion therapies.

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