Is Technology Really A Necessity? Or It’s Still A Luxury?

Is technology really a necessity? Or it’s still a luxury?

Is technology really a necessity?  Or we can still count it as a luxury? Well for so many men and women in the world, there is no possible way they can live without technology. May it truly be their own cell phone or anything else.
Technology has therefore intertwined itself together with our own lives. To think of living without technology is virtually unthinkable.
Tech was brought into our lives to fill a void, desire, or want. It has become an important part of it indeed. We needed a way to communicate faster and improved round vast distances than sending mail, which might take weeks to get from 1 point to the next. Thus, people devised calling to talk to another.
We’re always using technology once we utilize scientific knowledge to accomplish a certain purpose, whether industry or within our everyday lives. By the discovery of wheel to computers and from mp3 players to the most recent technologies like self-driving cars, innumerable technological inventions have shaped lifestyle and will continue to change it as time goes on.
There are a few folks who are considering using technology to create greater, advanced technology, such as Artificial Intelligence seen in robots. In the discipline of Science, germs, small bugs that you can’t see which will potentially kill, have murdered tens of thousands of thousands of people within the recent past.
So, some big brains chose to think of brand new technologies which helped us grow drugs which kill the microorganisms, like vaccines that protect against them, and so on. Use of technology within the healthcare industry has helped us develop lots of methods of diagnosing diseases that are dangerous. 
The vaccinations, drugs, and drugs developed by an excellent quantity of research have helped to save the lifespan of thousands of people across the globe. This has raised the survival rate in every region of earth. Humans invented the wheel to move things such as goods around without being forced to hold them.
Then invented the horse or the oxen-pulled plough to help us grow more food. Likewise, cars help us get from 1 point to another faster. Technological progress has helped to introduce many positive adjustments in the educational sector.
New techniques of learning and teaching have made the process simple and more fun. The reply to the question is yes, because of the need for success when searching and collecting similar to in the crude years. And as our technologies have evolved, our total well being has also developed, technologically. But Is technology really a necessity? 
However, if not technology is actually needed just as much as we think, is a different question. Is using a smartphone vital? Is it really needed or better than the “unsmart ones” not convinced. But due to the need to remain connected, it is unarguably a necessity.

Is Too Much Technology Becoming an Issue?

Social media usage is rising exponentially with the majority of people who have Internet access using a social networking account, or numerous social media accounts.
It’s connecting us all but on an infinitely more critical scale it is affecting our real life interpersonal skills. If you walk onto a bus, train, tram or tube in Britain you will observe more people’s eyes glued with their own smartphone with their palms racing to the next man in order to find a fresh notification. 
We no longer take our surroundings and instead of talking and linking with people on that particular mode of public transport we choose to utilize our phones as a shield in order to stop us from stepping out of that comfort zone.
With this come many implications, such as societal stress, depression and cyberbullying. Cyber-bullying is a growing statistic and also the consequences of it are frightful. There’s been a spike in teen suicides and a huge part of the has come from cyber warfare “suicide is second only to injuries as a major cause of death for teenagers, passing homicide for the first time.”
Technology could be considered to blame due to the way it is accessible and how teens are getting to be too reliant on their smartphones and constant need for societal networking.
Alternatively technology is making us idle tasks are made far simpler. For instance cooking instructions are at the tips of our hands and we can even order every single grocery item needed for that dish has to be delivered before sitting at home. 
All this excess time freed-up gives us more time and energy to make use of technology! We’d use this time to delve into the hottest Netflix show, play in an x box scroll through endless feeds of social networking. We’re utilizing technology as a way to spare time and energy to make use of more tech, a more brutal cycle.

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