Is Garlic Bread Healthy? Make it healthier

Is Garlic Bread Healthy? Make it healthier

Is garlic bread healthy? This question is asked by many people and the answer is YES.. But only if you are making it in a healthy way. Garlic bread is a different kind of bread which is baked, grilled or toasted.
No matter whether the garlic bread is grilled, baked or toasted, the crispness of yummiest bread makes it even more appetizing and can be an addition in various dishes.
Garlic bread originated from tomato-topped bruschetta and is made with baguette. The taste and flavor of garlic bread come out when it is either baked or toasted.

How to prepare garlic bread

It is prepared by chopping thick pieces of a bread loaf that are coated later with either butter or olive oil. After that, the oil-coated bread is rubbed against the chopped garlic. Once you are done with this, place the bread in the oven and let it turn crispy and golden.
Crispy Garlic Bread- The concept of this bread originated from french bread. Chopped garlic along with unsalted butter and parsley are the essential ingredients of Crispy garlic bread. Parmesan bread is often used to shower over the hot bread in order to melt the cheese.
Soft Garlic bread- To make Soft garlic bread, one needs to slice the bread in two pieces but make sure their base is not separated. Now make a paste of butter and take chopped garlic along with parsley and spread it in the middle of the bread. After this, the bread is covered with foil paper and baked in the oven.
Herbed Garlic Bread- Herbed garlic bread is made just like the crispy one but, the only difference in these both bread is that herbs are added in the paste of the cheese. In order to make it more tastier onion powder along with chilly powder is added in herbed garlic bread.

How to make it healthier

Is garlic bread healthy? No, You Can Make It healthy. Generally, this bread has a lot of fat in it but little modifications can make it healthy yet mouth-watering.

Nutrient check

Generally, a garlic bread piece has around 150 calories along with 4g proteins which makes it a high-fat meal having 7g fat per slice. In order to have a 2,000 calorie diet, you must have less than 65g fat per day. Adding 2 tbsp of mozzarella cheese adds up about 84 calories along with 6g fat and protein each. Moreover, the mozzarella adds  141mg calcium which is 0essential for bone health.


Normally, garlic bread is made up of white bread which consists of refined grains that have less fiber as compared to whole grains. Also, you must have a minimum of 25g fiber as it is good for digestive health. If you use whole-wheat bread while baking garlic bread, the amount of fiber will rise to 4g per serving.


It is a delicious yet low-fat vegetable. You can add a clove of minced garlic while baking the garlic bread and it will increase Vitamin C for about 2% and five calories. Apart from this, the sulfur content presented in garlic can also help you in decreasing cholesterol and also can save you cells from harm.
In order to consume the healthiest and delicious bread, you must use garlic powder or raw fresh garlic. If you use the ready-made or packed ones, they might contain sodium in it which is harmful to health as sodium can lead to high blood pressure. So, in order to maintain health and blood pressure, you should intake less than 2,000mg of sodium each day.


The butter that we use while making garlic bread has most of the fat in it. 1/2 tbsp butter has around 6g fat in it which is saturated, i.e., not healthy for you. Such saturated fat can lead to many health problems like it can clog your arteries and it can also increase cholesterol. Apart from this, one can also have heart problems. So, in order to make garlic bread healthier, you must use olive oil instead of saturated butter, as olive oil is unsaturated and it does not harm your blood vessels. 

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