Save Trees, Live a better life

Save Trees, Live a better life

The best thing we can do with nature is to save trees. The number of trees used to save the better environment we’ll have as they’re an essential connection between our lives and nature. We all will be in a huge danger if there are no trees.
Humans are destroying these essential yet limited assets out of greed and asking for more. Every individual needs to take some important steps in order to avoid damage to trees and secure our lives.
We definitely need to save trees as there are infinite benefits of trees some of them are following.

1) Trees Battle Climate Change

Increasing carbon dioxide in our environment leads to climate change as they absorb carbon dioxide and give us fresh air to breathe called oxygen.

2) Cleaning The Air

Trees can easily absorb pollutant gases and purify particulates out of the air.

3) Give Us The Biggest Source Of Life

Oxygen is considered to be the biggest source of life and trees are the only provider of it. So if you want to save lives we need to save trees.

4) They Help In Maintaining The Temperature

Trees play a major role in maintaining the environment and temperature as they absorb the heat and purify the temperature by up to 10°F by sheltering our homes and streets.

5) A Great Source Of Conserving Energy

Do you know trees placed around a house can deduct summer air conditioning needs by more than 50%. As by decreasing the ultimatum for cooling in our houses pecan decrease carbon dioxide and many other pollutant gases from power plants.

6) Helps In Saving Water

Trees help in slowing water evaporation. In the beginning a planted tree requires just 15 gallons of water in a week but as it grows it helps in increasing atmospheric moisture.

7) Helps In Prevention Of Water Pollution

They decrease runoff by breaking rain falls which ultimately permit the water to flow. Another thing that is used to avert stormwater from conveying pollutants to the ocean.

8) Averting Soil Erosion

Trees averts soil erosion on steam slopes as they ease run off and hold soil in place.

9) Protect From Ultraviolet Rays

Trees decrease UV-B exposure upto 50 percent which ultimately prevents skin cancer which is really common in the US.

10) Provides Natural Food

We all have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and where Apple comes from? Trees! As they can calculate around 15 to 20 fruit bushes per year. Tejas don’t provide fruit for humans but they are a great source of food for birds too.

11) Helps In Healing

It is a proven fact that patience recovers more faster if they have tree view outside their window also they face less complications. Also kids that have ADHD show less symptoms when they’re near nature.

12) Helps Economy

The fruit on the trees can be sold which provide income to people and give opportunities to small businesses.

13) Provides Wood

The only source of wood we have is trees. And from wood we can make infinite things for our daily use like furniture, pencil, etc.
There were some of the benefits of trees that we know but there are infinite benefits of it. but one thing that we need to understand is that we need to save trees as they are are free yet limited source of life.

Here are some of the ways how we can save trees

1) Grow More Trees

As it is saying that if you cut one tree you need to grow four more. As it is something that we need till day we live countries don’t have any alternative. So we need to grow more and more trees as it is the cheapest yet essential source of life.

2) By Using Tree Guards

The trunk of the tree can easily be broken by animals or machines so we need to protect the trunk by using tree guards in order to ensure the protection of plants.

3) Use Less Paper

The more paper we use the more trees will be harmed so we must use less paper or recycled paper. The little contribution in nature will lead to a big change. Like we can prevent search condition by paying online as it will reduce wastage of paper and hence we will end up by saving trees

4) Deforestation

You may need good man power in order to prevent deforestation but it is a needed deed. Several trees are cut down in the name of development. What we need to understand that we need trees more than development.

5) Reduce Disposable Wood Material

Avoid the uses of disposable wood items like utensils. As they are of single use and many trees are harmed because of these disposable materials.

6) Avoid Paper Advertising

By using pamphlets posters many small businesses are advertised. But we need to understand that we have alternatives for advertising but we don’t have alternatives for trees so we need to save tree e and advertise your business in digital form.
Here were some of the benefits of trees though there are infinite and we need trees more than trees need us. So, we need to save and grow more and more trees for a better future for the next generation.

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