How To Develop Presence of Mind

How To Develop Presence of Mind

The potential to stay calm and ability to take quick and sensible action to certain circumstances is presence of mind.

Why is it important?

Presence of mind is necessary as it let’s one to come out of crucial situations. It means having self control on certain tough situations where one should react calmly.
Generally, humans face anxiety, nervousness in crisis but if one can stay calm in every situation they can overcome anything.

Make A Priority List

You must learn to manage certain tasks and put them according to your priority. try to complete all the tasks by the end of your day, and for that you have to be quick.
A reminder: while doing the tasks, stop thinking about the tasks which are left to do, you only have to do it, so stop thinking about other tasks while doing one. It will help you to stay focused and hence you’ll end up completing it more quickly.

Listen Actively

There are people who hear less and talk more, which is not a good sign as you must have to be a good listener and have a good response.
No matter if it’s personal or professional you must hear what the other person is saying, they might give you relevant information about something. And being a good listener doesn’t mean that you are not speaking but your mind is somewhere else, you must listen and acknowledge what they are saying.

Don't be a emotional fool

It’s next to impossible for every person to be a completely practical person and ignore our sentiments and personal problems.
These problems can result in lack of focus, distraction and hence you’ll end up with a lot of mess in your personal as well as professional life. So, you must make yourself aware of the fact that you cannot afford to make such silly mistakes that can end into a disaster, so you must have a control on your emotions, when you are working, you must only focus on your work and stop thinking about the things that disturbs your mind.

Observe things

You have to start observing things that what is going around you as lack of focus is a sign of absence of mind. Start observing people, what they are doing, how they are reacting to certain things. Distracted mind is also a sign of absence of mind.
So, you need to stay focused and be a good observant, it might sound tough, but once you start observing things, it will engage your mind and hence you’ll start liking it.

Avoid being a multitasker

You need to realise that you have to be a multitasker. While doing a task, stop thinking about other tasks which are in your pipeline to do, you must stay dedicated to one task, so that you can complete it properly as well as quickly, so that you can move to another task.
Moreover, doing a task and thinking about some other tasks is a lack of presence of mind and hence will lead to less productivity.

Improve Presence Of Mind

No matter its personal or professional matter, you must stay focused and calm in every situation. If your mind is not present with your physique then you can face serious trouble. You must be aware of what is going on around you and you must not miss important happenings around you. So, to develop your mind’s presence you must read and apply following tips in your daily life routine.

Take A Chill Pill

You must live a balanced life. Don’t fully commit yourself towards work, you must chill out with your friends which means going out for a movie or spending time with your friends or family. You must engage yourself in different activities like yoga, art, socializing, cooking or whatever that makes you happy. If you are thinking how is it possible, remember what weekends are for. So, live a balanced life, manage work life and personal life.

Stay Active

Moving your body leads to relaxation. It helps you to stay focused and concentrated towards your work and task. Take a break for  15 minutes after every 2 hours in order to refresh your mind. Have a half an hour session of dance twice a week, and make sure to dance like nobody’s watching. This will help you to feel refreshed and will release tension from your body.

Keep Practicing

Practicing on a daily basis makes you a better person. In order to achieve certain things you must practice on a daily basis, as practicing daily will will give you quick and better results. Moreover it will help you to become more efficient as well as effective.

Be Real

No matter you’re improving or getting worse, be real and accept it. Appreciate yourself if you are improving and tell yourself to improve if you are not improving. Accepting it will lead you to be a better person and hence you will be more productive and will stay focused.

Nobody Is Perfect

Accept the fact that nobody is perfect because the pressure of being perfect will create anxiety in you and people around you and then you’ll focus to become a perfect person and will ignore things going on around you. So, instead of being a perfect person, try to be a better person than yesterday, and one day you’ll definitely be a better person than people around you.

Pursue Your Passion

Remember: you should never ever give up on your passion, you can keep it inside line, but never fully ignore it. It will maintain the excitement in your life and hence you won’t get bored of the same thing you do on a daily basis. So, stay connected with your passion and follow it to maintain a healthy life system.
These are some of the key points to develop your presence of mind and improve your ability to react to things. You must apply these key points everyday and soon you’ll realise that you’ve developed your presence of mind and now your reaction is better than it actually was.

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