Everything You Need to know about Domain

Everything You Need to know about Domain

A question that comes to mind of people who wants to start earning online is “How can we earn online?”
There are infinite sources to learn and earn online.  Out of all the ways, one of the most popular way is through a website. The basic thing a person needs who wants to earn online through a website is a website, and for that they need two things one is Domain and another is Web hosting, and everyone should be aware of these two terms clearly, especially those who want to earn and spread their business online.
What is the Domain Name System (DNS) and why is it needed?
Domain is the name of any website. For instance, if you type Twitter.com on your search engine then it directs you to Twitter’s website. The Domain Name works on a IP Address, and every website has a different IP address, for example which is difficult to remember, so Domain Name System came, so that it gets easier for every user to remember the name of different websites.
Types of Domain
Before selecting the domain, you need to know how many types of domain there are –
Top Level Domain Name (TLDN)
The Top Level Domain Name is the last part of any domain that is considered the best by search engine and SEO.
TLDN increases the value of your website in the search engine as it helps in ranking of your website, as TLDN is preferred by search engines.
Top Level Domain Name Extension List

.COM (Commercial)

.Info (Information)

.name (Name)

.Org (Organization)

.Net (Network)

.Gov (Government)

.Edu (Education)

.Biz (Business)

Country Code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD)
Country Code Top Level Domain Name (CcTLD) are the Domains that focus on the traffic of a particular country
For Instance, if you want more traffic from India then you should use .in extension. Here are some of the more extension from different countries are

.ie  – Ireland

.it – Italy

.pk – Pakistan

.jp – Japan

.us – United states

Sub-domain Name System
It is a part of your main domain, which is created to organize and navigate to different parts of your website,a user can make several sub-domains or child domains on the main domain.
In this example ‘shop’ is the sub-domain, ‘yourwebsite’ is the main domain and ‘.com’ is the top level domain (TLD). A user can take any word as your sub-domain, but make sure your sub-domain is easy to type and remember.
Here are some key points that you should keep in mind before buying a domain
  • You have to decide what your website is all about.
  • Add related keywords for your domain.
  • Your domain name should be short and easy to remember
  • Spelling of domain Name should be easy
  • Always choose the top level domain only
  • Keep your domain name unique, means that doesn’t match anyone else’s.
Before buying your domain, you must keep the above mentioned things in mind. There are many domain providers on the internet, but the one thing you have to make sure before making a purchase is that there services must be good and should be available 24*7.
We hope you find this blog useful, and if you have any query drop us a comment below.

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