Everything About Paneer Nutrition | Healthy Paneer Recipes

Everything About Paneer Nutrition | Healthy Paneer Recipes

When we talk about paneer, the dishes that pops up in your mind are paneer do pyaza matar paneer paneer makhani kadai paneer palak paneer paneer kofta paneer malai tikka paneer masala tikka and much more. Without any doubt paneer nutrition is the best thing on a vegetarian menu.
Generally paneer is produced by curling milk and by using lemon, citric acid  or vinegar and sour curd. After that the curd is sieved by muslin cloth in order to separate from whey and now is an integral part of India.
For protein, paneer nutrition is indeed the best choice, especially in a vegetarian diet. Paneer nutrition has protein being 82 to 86 percent containing all the 9 essential amino acids.
Apart from this, building blocks of our cells are proteins which are important for repairing tissue, growth maintenance, and sustaining the volume of blood.

Paneer nutrition replaces what?

In comparison to dal, Paneer has lower carbohydrates which is a great point for Indian cuisine where carbohydrate amounts are really high. Also it can help increase fat burning in our body. 
Paneer is a rich source of saturated fats and healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFA). Such MUFA has been associated with lowering the bad cholesterol and the main monounsaturated fat which is oleic acid has been associated with lowering blood pressure.
Apart from this paneer nutrition have a fair amount of Alpha linolenic acid Omega 3 polyunsaturated fat associated with the moderate lowering of risk of cardiac disease as it has a high amount of sat fat, portion control is essential.
As paneer is a milk product it has a rich source of calcium and phosphorus which are crucial for musculoskeletal health. Calcium needs Phosphorus for optimum use as it may not be able to improve bone health, so if there is a food that can give you both together it’s more than you require.
For diabetic patients, paneer nutrition is the best choice as it is low in carbs and a rich source of protein that is a perfect option for diabetes patients. So diabetic patients must start their meal with intaking protein which will help the patient in controlling diabetes.

Here are some healthy paneer recipes for breakfast

1) Paneer Moong Dal Chila

You can use mung daal to make the nation’s favourite chila as it is thought to be one of the best sources of plant based protein. The chila is made up of the fine paste of moong dal. You can talk this desi pancake with paneer nutrition as the protein in it helps induce the feeling of satiety. You binge much less and you feel full which leads to great weight loss.

2) Paneer Paratha

When we think of parantha the picture that pops up in our mind is greasy, good and soft, but you can prepare the Paratha in a healthy fashion too. You must choose good oil, but avoid excessive consumption while cooking and use only whole wheat flour.

3) Paneer Cutlet

You think that’s unhealthy? but you can make kid as you can air fry them or book them in little oil instead of deep frying your cutlets. if you pair your paneer cutlet with chutney or ketchup it makes a perfect choice for both kids and adults.

4) Paneer Bhurji Rolls

You know what’s the easiest paneer preparations? Its paneer bhurji rolls as we know crushed paneer toast along with onions and green chilli makes a delicious perfect pair for roti. The best part about paneer bhurji roll is that you can read some of it in your roti roll it up and have it on-the-go you will save your time.

5) Paneer Salad

It’s a quick yet healthy breakfast for you as it has the highest paneer nutrition. You can show Paneer chunks in a good amount along with some greens, lettuce or spinach. Moreover you can use some pudina chutney if you are craving for something desi.

6) Paneer Pudding

Paneer pudding is indeed one of the best dishes for kids as it will serve the purpose of a desert and healthy meal as well. You have to measure the butter in a pan with some lemon juice along with cloves, cardamom cinnamon and whole black pepper. After the juice is hot, add Apple slice and cover it and let it cook for 5 minutes.
Now let half of the juice evaporate on a medium flame, keep it uncovered. Now, add some strawberries and cherries in it, but before that, take off whole spices from it. After this, take a foil and flatten the whole mixture on it, pour the fruit stew in a baking dish and put the flattened paneer on top of it. After you’re done with this, head towards the last step, and place it in the oven and heat it for around 20 minutes and serve it hot.

7) Paneer Jalfrazie

This is one of the healthiest paneer recipes, you can also enjoy this along with Indian bread or jeera rice. All you have to do is take a pan and heat some oil in it and saute onions along with colored bell peppers. After that, add some baby corns, turmeric powder, tomato puree, coriander powder and saute on a low flame till the baby corns are cooked which is about 5-7 minutes.
Once the baby corn is cooked, add paneer cubes, sprinkle some salt according to your taste, half teaspoon of vinegar, half teaspoon of sugar, mix all them well and then let it cook for one minute. Now, serve it hot and enjoy with your favourite show.
These were some basic healthy paneer recipes that you can enjoy. Also Paneer is the healthiest choice on a vegetarian menu and we can enjoy it everywhere no matter in salad, or main course menu.

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