Entrepreneurs Who Appeared in Ads for their Own Brands

Entrepreneurs Who Appeared in Ads for their Own Brands

For any entrepreneur, brand building is a very crucial part of their brand’s success specially in this trends-driven world. Brand ambassadors play a very important role in influencing people and spreading awareness amongst them about the brand that they’re endorsing.

They, to a certain extent, play a vital role in taking the reputation of the brand to a higher level and attracting more people to buy products and services of the brand they are endorsing resulting in increased sales for the businesses.

Companies often hire famous celebrities like cricketers, actors, musicians and influencers for the advertising of their brands because people easily get influenced by these known faces.

At the same time, personal branding has been equally important for the entrepreneurs and their businesses because it helps them to gain people’s trust and people find the information more authentic if communicated through the founder/owner of the business in a creative way. It leaves a more powerful impact.

Many entrepreneurs took a step forward and have time and again starred in the advertisements of their own brands so as to build a better brand value and also connect with the audiences better.

Some of the examples of entrepreneurs/ founders who starred in their own brand’s advertisement are:


MDH is a more than 100 years old spices brand. Brand’s founder Late Mr. Dharampal Gulati appeared in almost every advertisement of the brand. Even his photograph was printed on the back of every product of MDH.

This was something new and unique and it helped a lot in building the brand’s reputation as labelling it as an OG brand for a reason. The ever lasting influence that the brand left on the people because of the strong appearance Dharampal Ji did wonders for the brand.


Wendy’s is a very famous fast food and burger chain. Its founder Mt. Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s in 1969. Dave appeared in commercials of Wendy’s more than often, 800 times to be precise which is the highest any founder has ever appeared in ads of their own company.

These ads used to be all about Dave promising quality products and services to the customers. He would often brief about their products’ quality and taste. This helped the fast food chain to garner more customers.Soon after Dave’s death the company struggled with unsuccessful ad campaigns.


Lenskart founder Mr. Peyush Bansal recently appeared in an advertisement for his brand. The famous eyewear brand founder also appears on the popular reality show Shark Tank India as a shark.

He has become a known face after that and people instantly recognised him when he recently appeared in an advertisement for his brand along with Karan Johar. The ad talked about how Lenskart offers high-quality spectacles and frames at affordable and fair prices unlike others who offer costly products in the eyewear range.


Mr. Varun Alagh and Mrs Ghazal Alagh are respectively the founder and co-founder of skincare, haircare and baby care brand Mamaearth.

The married duo recently appeared in an ad for advertising their new baby care product range which also starred both their kids. Ghazal Alagh also appeared on the popular reality show Shark Tank India as a shark. Mamaearth is known for producing toxin free and natural skin and hair care products for babies and adults.

The Whole Truth Foods

Mr. Shashank Mehta, the founder and CEO of The Whole Truth Foods has been seen appearing in the brand’s advertisements and educational content that is posted across its social media platforms.

He plays the personified version of his brand and encourages people to consume clean food and also educates people about the advantages and benefits of consuming their products over other brands.

Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar cosmetics co-founder and CEO, Vineeta Singh is a successful women entrepreneur who dedicated years to build this cosmetics brand fro scratch.

She has become a known face after she appeared in Shark Tank India as a shark. She recently appeared in a cameo role in the latest advertisement of her brand alongside Ranveer Singh and Tamannah Bhatia which highlighted how her brand’s products are smudge proof and long lasting.


Babychakra was founded by Naiyya Saggi in the year 2014. It is a part of the beauty unicorn Good Glam Group. Naiyya is also the CEO of the company and has appeared in an ad campaign where she can be seen speaking about the baby products from Babychakra. She reassures the product quality of her brand and her trust in her brand.

Edelweiss General Insurance Company

Edelweiss General Insurance Company released an ad campaign featuring company’s CEO Shanai Ghosh along with a famous comedian Ranauq Rajani. The ad features them having a fun argument over better driving skills. Such fun and witty ads are well received by the audience and help in spreading brand awareness faster.

Brand’s most important aim is to build that trust amongst the people so that the people go ahead and buy/use their products and services. While the world is evolving at a rapid speed, it is important for entrepreneurs to identify and understand their prospective customers through various marketing techniques and personal branding is one such technique.

Some entrepreneurs choose to be in the forefront and appear in the advertisements of their own businesses to create that ever lasting impact on the people ultimately building more value and money for their brand. It also makes people take the brand more seriously and they don’t question the authenticity of the same.

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What is personal branding?

Personal branding basically means creating a brand identity for your product or yourself, conveying the purpose and values of your brand and how you’re different and exceptional from other brands in the market making the audience understand your worth and they end up choosing you over others.

How do you brand yourself as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to brand yourself correctly, and for that, you need to make sure of certain things. Be authentic and real, don’t lie about your product or service’s qualities, wear that confidence so that people can confide in you and your brand, carry that strong persona, keep humility and give respect while talking to anyone, stay updated on and about social media platforms to connect better to people.

How personal branding is helpful for a business?

Branding is very important, both for the business and the one running the business. With time, personal branding has come to become one of the most important types of branding for any business.
It helps the entrepreneurs to build a reputation for their business, it helps the brand and/or their product to stand out from the crowd, their brand looks more trustworthy and also brings more opportunities for the businesses which eventually helps the business grow and expand further.

What skills are required for personal branding?

There are certain skills that are needed for personal branding. These skills include communications skills, observation skills, skill to identify your target audience better, adapting to the changing trends and needs of the people, networking and understanding skills.
You must have skills to make your brand come across as the best amongst the others and have the ability to convert the potential customers into your permanent customers.

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