Know The Difference Between Cheese And Paneer

Know The Difference Between Cheese And Paneer

Cheese and Paneer, the two main ingredients which are commonly used all over the world. These two ingredients look similar but you know what is the difference between cheese and paneer?

Common things between cheese and Paneer

  1. They both appear similar
  2. They both are dairy products.
  3. They both are popular ingredients in the food world.
What differs Cheese from Paneer? Well, everything including their texture, taste, and flavor are different from each other.

Break down of cheese and paneer


Cheese is a dairy product and hence it consists of milk of an animal through a procedure called acidification which is a bacteria presented in the milk. This bacteria gives it a distinctive taste and texture. 
Moreover, cheese can take any shape and size and one can add different flavors in cheese and it has more than 300 varieties.
It has high fat and calories so make sure to cut it out if you have heart issues.
Moreover, it has a higher amount of protein as compared to paneer. So, if you want to gain muscle then cheese is a right and healthy choice for you.
The emulsification process is followed while making cheese. Emulsification keeps the cheese fresh for a long period of time. A cheese can stay fresh if it is kept in the freezer for about six months.


Paneer is also a dairy product and it is heated for about 200 F. After that some acid like lemon juice or even vinegar is added in it to solidify the milk. As compared to cheese, paneer has low fat and calories. So, it is good for everyone even for those who are suffering from heart disease.
Paneer is a highly perishable product as no emulsification process is followed in it to solidify the milk. Paneer has a shorter life and needs to be devoured within 3 days in general.
Paneer has different shapes and is also known as farmer cheese. In western countries, it is known as cottage cheese whereas, in Asia, it is served as a starter as well as the main course.

Health benefits

No matter how similar they appear, Paneer and cheese have many health differences. Cheese has a high amount of fat so one cannot consider cheese has a healthy option whereas paneer is low calories and low fat so anyone can consider it as a healthy option.
Moreover, paneer is a better option to consume for the people who have heart problems because of its low calories and low fat.

Nutritional Benefits

Unlike their appearance, paneer and cheese have distinctive nutritions presented in it.
Cheese is consumed in order to strengthen the bones as cheese has calcium in it. On the other hand, paneer is used to decrease cholesterol in the body so it is one of the best options for the ones who have high cholesterol or heart problems. 

Cheese in Cooking

Cheese indeed has a large variety and can be used in uncountable ways in the kitchen.
One of the varieties is blue cheese which has a large mold content which makes it very strong in taste. This blue cheese can be used to make blue cheese which can be used as the main ingredient in pasta.
Another variety that is very common and popular in cheese is Cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese can be used as topping on a pizza.
Cheese is a common yet popular ingredient that can be found in every kitchen and can be used as the main ingredient in several items and many cuisines irrespective of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Paneer in cooking

Paneer is the ingredient which can be eaten as raw and can be cooked too. Paneer never melts, but it is used to create a soft and creamy texture in the dish.
A Variety of paneer dishes is infinite. It can be used as filling in a Samosa, added with some spices to make Paneer tikka or mixed with some cooked onions to turn it into a main course which naan or chapati can compliment.
Paneer is a dynamic ingredient as it can be used in both Asian as well as western cooking.Some countries welcome paneer as cottage cheese where one can spread or dip. But apparently it is becoming well known in western countries as well. 

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian

For all the vegetarians, people it is so hard to find a vegetarian. But Paneer is a favourite dish for most of the vegetarian people. Another reason why it is favourite for vegetarians is because of its variety.
It is considered to be vegetarian as paneer is an unsalted white cheese. It is made from cow’s milk and does not have any other animal’s by-product.
On the other hand, cheese comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are people who consider cheese as vegetarian and a dairy product only but the truth is you have to be more careful while purchasing as there are cheeses which are not vegetarian friendly.
Non-vegetarian cheese includes parmesan cheese. When the milk is solidified to manufacture whey or curd, then rennet is added to the cheese which is brought from the stomach of the newborn calves’ stomach.
Plant-based rennet or GO rennet are vegetarian which are considered alternative to that but they are rare and hard to find.
So, for all vegetarians, paneer is the perfect choice as it has no complications and it is healthy because of its low calories and is friendly to heart patients too who need to control their cholesterol as well.

Can cheese replace paneer?

If you eat paneer because you are a vegetarian and you need to or want to consume low calories then you must go with paneer as it is easily available in market as compared to vegetarian cheese and has less complications than cheese.
Another better thing you can do is to make cheese at home in order to make sure it is vegetarian and making cheese at home isn’t a tough task. But if you don’t want to make cheese at home and want to replace paneer with something else, then you can go with tofu or ricotta. Tofu is vegan whereas, ricotta is vegetarian.

The relation between haloumi and paneer

You can use halloumi instead of paneer. The things that differentiate them is that paneer consists of high acidity and on the other hand halloumi has null acidity.

Best milk for paneer?

Many people choose to make paneer at home as it is not a hard process and anyone can make it at home. The best part about making paneer at home is that you can make sure it is hygiene. So, to make the paneer, you have to make sure that the milk is fresh and full of fat. It doesn’t matter if it’s cow milk, goat milk you have to make sure that the milk is fresh and full of fat. You must not use skimmed milk as it will make paneer with the thinner texture and dull taste.
Paneer and cheese both can be used as ingredients and they both have large varieties. Let us know what your choice is? paneer or Cheese? And what is your favourite paneer/ cheese dish? 

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