Best time to visit Leh Ladakh | Pack Your Bag Accordingly

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh | Pack Your Bags Accordingly

If you are looking for your summer adventure the first place that pops in your mind is Ladakh. You must be aware of the best time to visit Leh Ladakh as it has always been a dream destination for adventure lovers and most of the people rushed to this place whenever possible. No matter the gorgeous lakes or the magnificent snow-clad mountains the valleys of Ladakh will always touch your heart.
Apart from its beautiful view and irresistible sightseeing it’s the unforgiving atmosphere that it never fails to engrave in your memories. But it is appropriate to consider the  best time to visit Leh Ladakh.
Some people think that’s summers is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh climate is most energizing analysing and the snow has shopping and there is was of moment with brilliant and dynamic Hemis festival
Whereas some people prefer winters to be the best time to visit Leh Ladakh when snow covers the mountains offering some of the best views. Moreover the best part about visiting Leh Ladakh in winters is that you can enjoy the most beautiful and adventurous Trek in the world Chadar trek.
Apart from this one of the best memories you can create to cherish forever is tracking over the grand and solidified zanskar river. 
During April To Mid May
People flock here in great numbers as this month marks the beginning of the tourist season. During April to mid may the temperature here is maximum 15 degree Celsius and minimum minus 1 degree Celsius. Moreover at this time heavy snowfall stops and the summertime takes over this whole place. 
you must opt for flight if you are visiting Ladakh during this time as all the roads and the passes do not open at this time. The weather is not as sunny and warm as usual summers. The main airport of this area is Leh kushok bakula rimpochee and the flights are directly connected from Delhi Srinagar and Jammu. 
The lakes Tso Moriri and Pangong Tao start to melt by the late April leaving the excellent hues and spectacular sites. 
During Mid May
You will discover Srinagar Leh road way opened during mid may and this is quite recently not the correct event to finish the circuit. 
During mid May, the temperature here is maximum 16° C and minimum 3°C. Voyagers streaming into the city by late May. Feeling Manali road to Leh opens up alongside Rohtang pass at the start of June. Flight is the best option during this time.
During The Month Of June
All the street courses to lay open up and you can go to the city on the Srinagar Leh Manali circuit during the early June. It is considered to be one of the best times to visit Leh Ladakh by bike or road as you can enjoy the snowy road and mountains. Moreover it does not begin dissolving by mid June so you will head out to some of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh.
Meet the local people of Ladakh and visit some of the monasteries and stupas here. Apart from this the best thing here is that you can enjoy Saka Dawa, Tutu Kabgyat, hemis festival that is held during June.
You must reach Ladakh through Kargil from Kashmir valley if you are visiting by road as this is around 434 km and remains open from early June to November. 
During The Month Of July To August
The lanterns exceptionally welcome amazing prospective bikers and the picture taker’s heaven as all the passes entry to the land that is known for plumbers are opened this month. You can see a mixture of white brown and green that makes leh-ladakh more beautiful
During this time the temperature is maximum 25 degree Celsius and minimum 10 degree Celsius. In order to avoid congested roads at Rohtang Pass, leave Manali early.
There are several festivals that are held during these two months including stongday, Marsha, phyang, Sachukul, Karzok, Dakthok and Sani Nasjal. Moreover hemis festival is celebrated at a grand level during this time. 
During The Month Of September
September is considered to be the best time to visit Leh Ladakh as it offers the best sites of Ladakh and better road conditions. The temperature during September is maximum 21 degree Celsius and minimum 5 degree Celsius.
Moreover, you can enjoy the wonderful chill atmosphere and you can also find snow amid late September and get a chance to enjoy the crystal clear water with glimmering sunbeams falling over the surface and making it sparkle.
the best part about visiting leh-ladakh in September is that you can visit some of the best parts of this region like mesmerizing Pangong Lake and enchanting Tao morya re and get a chance to learn about the culture and the beauty of this region.
During October
The place rejuvenates itself in the month of October and it is one of the best periods for visiting the stunning and beautiful areas of Leh Ladakh as the place is permeated in brilliant hues. The temperature during October is maximum 14 degree Celsius and minimum – 1 degree C.
During October cold waves clears over the songs of high elevation and snowfall begins, moreover the nearby lakes camps are closed. You can also book a flight as the prices will be cheaper than its usual cost. 
The Diskit festival is held during this month so you can enjoy it if you are visiting in October.
During November
The cold atmosphere completely takes over the range with the place counting below zero temperatures at all areas over 14000 feet during November. You can feel maximum temperature 7 degree Celsius and minimum minus 6 degree celsius here.
The highways are closed during this month so it is best for you to take a flight if you are planning to visit Ladakh during November. Moreover camping is also not a good option at this time as all the beautiful lakes like Pangong will be frozen. There can be a problem of water supply at some places during this month.
During December
December is considered as the coldest month in Ladakh as the district is totally cut off from the rest of India by road. One can feel maximum to degree Celsius and minimum -11 degree Celsius temperature here. Several highways and roads remain closed during December as sheets thick as 6 inches can be found on lakes and waterways. Tourists don’t prefer to travel during this time to Leh Ladakh.
Apart from this you can enjoy the Losar and Golden Namchot festival that is held amid December. Moreover it’s a chance for you to learn and see the culture side of Ladakh while you are hair during this month.
During January
It’s the new year month and biting cold weather completely takes over Ladakh. During January E1 canfield minus 2 degree Celsius and minimum 14 degree Celsius here. It’s really chilly and there is constant snowfall which makes survival and acclimatization troublesome.
But you can get a chance to see the changing shades of Pangong Tso Lake during this time. Apart from this you can know more about Ladakhis and enjoy delicious food with them.
During February
The roads will be closed and the lakes will be frozen during February. The temperature is maximum 1 degree and minimum -11 degree Celsius during this time. You can enjoy the mountain covered with white snow and there will be very less water as the water solidifies.
You will face the trouble of power cuts for 6 hours. Highways and the passes remain closed so it’s better to take flight during February. Stay updated with the schedules as flights might get cancelled due to bad weather conditions. Not each of the hotels would be operational but accommodations will be accessible.
During March
March in Ladakh has a brighter and sunny side but evenings are cold. You can feel a maximum temperature of 6 degree Celsius and minimum 5 degree Celsius here. you will see a different side of Ladakh with white and greenish views if you are planning to visit Ladakh in March. As it’s not a tourist season so you will get plenty of time in exploring the whole place on your own.
You can reach Ladakh via flights only as the highways and the roads will remain closed. During mass you can enjoy the scenic we use as the sky will be a bit clearer. Pangong and Nubra’s camping will remain closed at this time of year. but there are plenty of festivals that are held during this month including Matho Nagrang, Stok Guru Tsechu, Yargon Tungshak with great food
So plan your visit considering these key points and choose your best time to visit Leh Ladakh. Create memories along with your loved ones and cherish them forever.

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