14 Best Place To Visit In kasauli

14 Best Place To Visit In kasauli

Kasauli is a tiny beautiful hill station between Kalka and Shimla. This hill stationĀ  was established during British era and now is the favourite hill station for quick weekend trips. This place has not just the heaven view but it’s a lot more than that only.
For all the people who want a quick peaceful short trip, well we have a suggestion for you it’s none other than Kasauli. This place will never disappoint you as it has so much to offer that could be your life experience.

Trekking Tours

The most fascinating trek includes jaw dropping hilly tracks, cool mesmerizing weather and not so crowded surroundings, well Kasauli is a whole package of your fascinating trek. The trek across the Mall road to the picture perfect attraction in Kasauli like Manki, Jabli & irresistible sunset point. It will not only give you a peace of mind but will also give you a box of memories.

Nature Walk

From chilling with friends to hang out with your partner, Kasauli never fails to impress you. If you want a picture perfect moment then take a walk no matter with your partner or your friends you surely get a good picture as Kasauli has something different and indeed one of the best places to visit in Kasauli.
You can surely enjoy your days here by taking a walk down the roads. The refreshing air and best panoramic view will make your evening more happening.

Gilbert Trail

Romance in the air? Sounds filmy? It’s not, because the Gilbert trail walkway of 1.5 km is the proof. But don’t get too deep in there because the part of Rocky clips is very slippery, so be cautious while scrolling along this trail. So go and take a walk and enjoy the romantic air with your love.

Toy Train Ride

If you want your Kasauli trip a little unique and different from other trips then you must go for a toy train ride as it’s one of the best things to do in Kasauli. You can travel up to Dharampur which is about 10 kilometres and take the train up to Barog and return. Apart from the Hill tunnels, oak & pine forests, the pleasant wind on your face will make it more beautiful. Moreover, this place is declared as a world heritage by UNESCO.

The Tibetan Market - A Treat For Shopaholics

The marketplace is full of small regional Tibetan shops selling several different kind of handmade items.This Tibetan market also sells fresh fruits like apricot, plums andĀ  pictures from the orchards. Apart from this, there is a huge variety of jams and marmalades that will tempt you. And if you want to buy some gifts then don’t miss Pinkonez and Mug Studios they have a large variety of unique gift items. Kasauli is incomplete without savors like apple wine plumbing Sherry wine peach wine.

Tibetan Food

Here is a treat for foodies! Out of all the things in Kasauli, food is the best part. You will find a great diversity of food including dumpling and thukpa there. Well, there are other popular restaurants like NH22 dhaba and Narindra sweet house which are A MUST VISIT.

Hangout Bar

If you are a party animal that you can’t afford to miss this place of Kasauli regency. This place is decorated with cane on terrace with the smart looking furniture, neon illuminated bar counter and hammock, moreover this place serves a large variety of refreshing beverages and delicious food. Apart from this, the live DJ performances on weekend nights are also famous among visitors. This place has all kinds of music from Bollywood classic to latest numbers retro Hollywood to hip hop and from rock and roll to jazz.

Gurkha Fort

For all doors who love to visit historical places well Gurkha force is just the right place for you.
This fort is 16 km away from Parmanu settled on a hillock in Subathu. Moreover, this place is at the corner of the town and is surrounded by dense forest above 4500 feet above sea level, this fort is an amazing place for photography, also you can visit nearby villages for a beautiful view.

Christ Church

This Church was constructed by the British in 1853, located on the Mall road, this place is one of the most visited places in Kasauli, surrounded by beautiful trees. Apart from this you can see the amazing structure of the church. So, don’t forget to carry your camera as you will get some amazing shots.

Timber trail

Head towards timber trail, if you are looking for something fun to do in Kasauli. This is a place where you can have the most fun also there is a ropeway where you can enjoy the scenic view. This Timber trail cable car is 1.8 km ropeway so it’s a must visit especially when you are with children.

Monkey Point

This place has a lot of mischievous yet good-natured monkeys and has the best view of Kasauli. Moreover, there is a treat for the visitors as they can see the amazing Sutlej river from this point into the lush mountains and this gives one of the reasons why this point is frequently visited by photographers and artists.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji

If you are in Kasauli then you must visit this beautiful Gurudwara. This is essentially an old Sikh holy place on the fringes of Kasauli. Moreover, this place offers food to people who come from different places.

Kasauli Brewery

This place is one of the most beautiful breweries in the world, on the edges of the town of Kasauli with astounding views of the valley. This brewery was built in 1820 by Edward Dyer, who chose this area because of fine spring water and beautiful weather here that somewhat looks like Scotland. Kasauli brewery is considered to be the established working refineries in the entire Asia.

The Sunset Point

This place was previously known as Hawa Ghar and welcomes people with the refreshing Hike. This place has the most stunning views of the dawn over the misty hills of Kasauli. You must not miss the sunset view of the city if you are vacaying in Kasauli.

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