Best Homely Food To Crave For

Best Homely Food To Crave For

There are many homely foods that we crave for, especially those that stay away from home. But do you know? how to make your regular food into a special food? If not then you must read out following dishes that will never fail to compliment your regular food.

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is served widely in India. It is easy to cook and it goes with many appetizers. You can eat Aloo Tikki inside a bun adding onion and tomatoes with green pudina chutney. You can eat it by placing it inside a bread along with small chopped pieces of onion, a mixture of green and red chutney.
All you have to do is boil the potatoes, peel them off and squeeze them, then add different spices according to your taste and give it a patty shape. Now fry the tikki deep into the oil and enjoy with appetizers. Also you can match the patties with chutney only. It goes well with chutney too.

Mango Chutney

This is something that you can find in every Indian kitchen as many people use it to top Indian dishes. This chutney is seasonal as it is made up from mangoes. Along with it, you have to add vinegar, spices and sugar.
Chutney has a great large variety too. Have you heard of pudina chutney, tomato chutney, coconut chutney? These chutney never fails to compliment any food no matter south Indian or north Indian. Coconut chutney is widely used in South India to compliment their south dishes and is loved by all over the world.


Another best thing you can make with aloo. Generally Samosa means a flaky triangle filled with aloo and spiced. But now, experimenting chefs discovered different kinds of Samosa where the flaky triangle is mixed with chowmein, pasta, paneer and what not?You can never pick your favourite samosa because all of them are mouth watering. But apart from triangle flaky patties another thing which is common between these varieties of Samosa is Chutney.
No matter what’s inside the triangle you’ll definitely need chutney to compliment it. Also, Samosa is the best option to have as an evening snack with tea and this is something which is easy to cook and is a good evening snack.


No matter what north Indian food you had, Raita is something which will never fail to cool down spices. The curd along with cucumber and mint is a perfect semi liquid drink no matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Raita is something you can never say No to. This semi-liquid drink is loved by every person in India. You must have it after a spicy food as water, soft drinks can never calm those spices. This will compliment your homely food perfectly.


Though it is a chinese dish but it is something that you’ll definitely find if you are on North Indian streets. Momos are something which is loved by everyone. You can steam it or fry it. Moreover the fillings inside it has a great variety of veggies as well as meat. Don’t forget to have spicy chutney and mayonnaise to make it more appetizing. Momos are totally incomplete without it’s spicy chutney. It will not go with regular chutney.


This is something that every North Indian craves for. No matter potatoes, onion or what? you can make pakoras with anything which is available. People tend to have Pakoras in the rainy season especially along with tea. These little deep fried pakoras are something which has a large variety and yet are eaten by everyone. No matter kids or adults, these pakoras never fail to impress people. This is one of the best homely food to have which is quite healthy too


Falafel is made from chickpeas and is a vegetarian food which every foodie craves for. It is widely eaten in the Middle East. Falafel is sold on streets of Israel, Egypt. People eat it as fast food and is a national dish of Israel. You will definitely enjoy these veggie friendly fast food which is stuffed in Pita bread along with lettuce. You can serve falafel either on salad or with Humus. Many people have hot sauce.

Spices are best friends of falafel so add spices according to your taste. Also, remember to soak the beans a night before you are planning to make falafel as it will save your time.

Aloo chaat

Another best homely food to have and is served as a fast food nationwide. A perfect amount of bhel, spices along with aloo makes it a perfect evening snack. The best part about Aloo chaat is that you have it either with chutney or you can mix chutney along with the other ingredients. Both work well, choice is yours.

Cheese Balls

No matter whether children or adults, cheese balls are loved by everyone. These appetizing balls are an awesome dish to serve if you are hosting a party as it will not fail to impress your guests. These tiny balls are easy-to-prepare and is a anytime snack for you. You can enjoy this any time snack with green pudina chutney or it will even go with ketchup.

Veg Kabab

Who doesn’t crave for a Kebab? No matter, Veg or Non Veg Kabab is everyone’s favourite. Veg kabab is no less than a treat for vegetarians. Made with fresh spinach and potatoes, Veg Kabab is a perfect choice for vegetarians. Kebabs come in a large variety no matter veg or non veg, even veg Kabab has a variety of Rajma Kabab, soya Kabab, and whatnot? It’s indeed a perfect way to pamper cravings. It is a homely food which every vegetarian will crave for.

Chilli Paneer

Talking about homely food and not considering Chilli Paneer? How is it possible? Chilli paneer is a perfect choice for everyone as you can eat it fully dry, semi-gravy & gravy. It’s your choice, pick whatever you want. This is a perfect starter and is loved by every vegetarian.
These were some of the easy to cook yet delicious homely dishes that you must try. Even if you have a busy schedule, take out time on weekends and treat yourself with these amazing mouth-watering dishes.

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