Benefits of Walking That You Aren’t Aware Of

Benefits of Walking That You Aren’t Aware Of

The greatest way to improve and maintain your overall health is walk. There are many benefits of walking, you can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat and boost muscles by just 30 mins of walk, also it can reduce your risk disease like type 2 diabetes, heart disease,  osteoporosis. The best part about walking is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or training, you can walk freely.
Physical activity doesn’t mean giving it your all day, in a study of inactive women found that a walk of around 70 minutes per week can improve their fitness level significantly when compared to a non exercising group.
The best part about walking is that it’s low impact requires minimal equipment and can be done at any time of day also it can be performed at your own pace. This is one of the greatest forms of physical activity for people who are overweight elderly or who haven’t exercised in a long time. Moreover it doesn’t have any side effects, but that doesn’t mean that it’s limited to strolling by yourself around local neighborhood sweets but it’s much more than that like various clubs venues and strategies you can use to make walking enjoyable and a social part of your lifestyle.
There are infinite benefits of walking, some of them include increasing cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, it can also reduce risk of heart disease and stroke and improve management of conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol joint and muscular pain or stiffness and diabetes. Also  it can make bones stronger and improve balance, and can help in reducing body fat. A 30 minutes of brisk walk is enough to stay fit and fine everyday.
 A 30 minutes of brisk walk is enough to stay fit and fine everyday.
1) Building Physical Activity Into Your Life
If you don’t have 30 minutes at one time you can put that time down, do regular small boards that are 10 minutes× three times per day and gradually build up to longer sessions. Moreover, if you are aiming to lose weight you need to do more physical activity for longer than 30 minutes per day. Start with small bouts of activity throughout the day and increasing these as your fitness improves.
If you are not sure about your 30 minutes at one time you can use stairs instead of lifts, get off public transport one stop earlier and walk to home or work, also you can walk your local shops and not take your private transport.
In order to make walking more fun you can listen to songs, talk to your friend on call or take your dog to the walk or your neighbor’s dog.
2) Walking Should Be A Part Time Routine

Making your part time routine is the best thing you can do for your fitness initially. You can try to walk at the same time each day and remember you use the same amount of energy no matter what time of day you walk so do what is most convenient for you. Ask someone to work with you which will help you to make it a regular activity. For many people keeping an activity diary aur log makes it easier

3) Wear A Pedometer While Walking

In case if you don’t know, a speedometer is a device that measures the number of steps you take. You can definitely use pedometers to measure your moment throughout a day and compared to others they are recommended amounts. This competition with yourself will motivate you to move more and walk more. The standard number of steps per day to achieve health benefits is 10000 steps or more.

4) Walk In Comfortable Intensity
in some cases people find a little difference in the amount of energy used by walking a kilometre or running a kilometre, it’s just that walking takes more time. In order to improve it you can plan to cover a set of distance each day and observe how long it takes you to walk this distance, day by day your fitness will improve and then you will be able to walk along a distance and use more energy.
This is a fact that brisk walking burns more kilojoules per hour then working slowly but that doesn’t mean you push yourself until you are breathless. Don’t speed up your pace instantly, you must walk safely within your target heart rate which brings about health gains.
Generally our bodies get used to doing normal physical activity so continue to increase your intensity as you’re able to improve your fitness level. Moreover the easiest way to increase the intensity of your walk is by walking up hills, walking with hand weights, and increasing your walking speed gradually by including some quick walking. Moreover, increasing the distance quickly before returning to a moderate working place or working for a longer distance can also help you in increasing the intensity of your walk.
5) Warm up And Cool Down After Walk
There are many ways to warm up your body before work but one of the best ways is to walk slowly. start your work at a leisurely pace to give your muscles time to warm up and then gradually increase your speed. Later on, stretch your leg muscles gently particularly of calves and front and back thighs. The duration of your stretch should be held for about 20 seconds. In case if you are unable to do or you feel any kind of pain, ease off the stretch. Bouncing aur jointing could ostrich muscle tissue and cause microscopic features that may lead to muscle stiffness and tenderness.
Also you must dress slightly while doing a physical activity as dressing too warmly can increase waiting and build up body temperature that can make you uncomfortable during a walk or possibly cause skin irritation.
6) Footwear For Walking
As we told before, there are many benefits of walking and is a low cost and effective form of exercise but the wrong type of shoe for walking action can cause foot or shin pain, blisters and injuries to soft tissue. so before going to the walk make sure that your shoes are comfortable with appropriate heel and arch supports. you must take light and easy steps and make sure your heels touch down before your toes. Try to walk on grass rather than concrete to help absorb the impact.
7) Schedule Your Walk
Scheduling your work ok with your family members is a great way to pass on healthy habits to your children or grandchildren and to spend time together while getting fit at the same time. But make sure that the route and length of time spent walking are appropriate to the age.
8) Safety Suggestions While Walking
Walking is a purely safe way to exercise but look out for unexpected hazards. There are infinite benefits of walking, so make sure you have been through the following suggestions.
  • Visit a doctor before starting a new fitness program for a medical check up especially if you are aged over 40 years, overweight or haven’t exercised in a long time
  • Make sure to choose exercise that suits your age and fitness level. Warm your body or cool it down with a slow gentle what to is in and out of your exercise session.
  • Always wear loose comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.
  • Try to wear waterproof clothing to avoid getting wet if it rains
  • One of the important suggestions while walking is to drink plenty of fluids before and after your walk, moreover if you are taking a lock job then make sure to take water with you.
So, make a schedule, take a step forward for your health and enjoy the benefits of walking.

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